Esta (エスタ Esta) is a recurring character of Genshi Shonen Ryu. She is the mother of Ryu and was forced to abandon her son when her own tribe, the Big Horn Tribe, forced her to abandon him since Ryu was born with a white skin.


Esta is a middle aged woman with light peach skin, dark pupils and long dark hair. She wore a light yellow loin cloth.


Shortly after Ryu's birth, Esta was forced by her tribe to abandon her son and sacrifice him to the Tyranno as being born with white-skin is considered a sign of bad omen during her time. Esta tried to rescue her son, but her tribe intervened. Having seen no sign of Ryu at the sacrificial grounds, they assumed that Ryu had been eaten by the Tyranno. Esta refused to believe it as there were no bloodstains and left her tribe, still believing her son is still alive somewhere (not knowing that she was right and Ryu was indeed alive, being raised by an ape named Kitty). Esta continued to travel throughout the prehistoric lands, hoping to eventually reunite with her long-lost son.

Five years before her son pursued his journey to find her, Esta was rescued by the Talon Hunter Tribe after they had found her collapsed near the Valley of Death. Esta explained to the tribe's leader, Majara, that she was searching for her son. Majara insisted that no one could have survived a sacrifice from the Tyranno. Esta still believed that her son was still alive and as she was too weak to serve as a slave, the Talon Hunter Tribe let her go. She left the village after three days of resting and continued to travel North.

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